About us

Vision and Mission:


Seeker Green Products Ltd is to commit our vision and mission to develop and market an environmentally preferable food disposable tableware alternative to the current polystyrene, plastic, and other kinds of non-earthly foodservice tableware.


Variety of products:


Our core line of products is biodegradable and compostable fiber (sugarcane pulp) tableware, including plate, bowl, to-go box, cup and tray. We are 1st Environmental Choice Program (Eco Logo) Certificate Holder in Canada in 2003.

Our diversified line of products include environmental-friendly cutlery, paper cup, bowl and hinged-lid box, clear bioplastic cup and container, bioplastic bag, and other green foodservice products as total over 300 items.


Welcome foodservice distributors and wholesalers become our partner:


We are not a distributor, but your partner, manufacturer and supplier. We can assist all foodservice distributors or wholesalers from product development, sourcing, quality control, shipping, customs entry and delivery up to your door with wide range of logistic solutions within all cities in North America.

Small pallet’s order is welcome.  When you buy from Seeker, you enjoy competitive prices, as directly procuring from manufacturer and most importantly ensure high reliable quality.


Earth-friendly Consciousness:


Climate change isn’t just an environmental phenomenon but a powerful engine of opportunity for “changing”.  Our products serve as a great alignment between environmental protection and business sustainability.  We help you and your customers come up with really sustainable green foodservice solution that works to benefit the environment and your business.