What is natural fiber tableware?


Its raw material is made from plant fiber left over after juice has been squeezed out.  Our products are made from sugarcane fiber (Bagasse) or wheat straw fiber leftover.


Why should we use natural fiber tableware?


The lifecycle of this tableware, beginning at the point of raw material, through manufacturing, use, and final disposal, is from nature to nature.  This fiber is abundant and quickly-renewable (less than 1 year growth lifespan).  During manufacturing process, it is almost without any pollution, only steam emission. 

Our products are disinfected by ultraviolet light and sterilized by high temperature before being packed. It is multi-functional to meet your expectations. Storage and transportation cost is 75% less compared with Styrofoam.  It carries waste-to-nutrition advantage after being disposed by composting.


What is plant starch material (bioplastic)?


It is made from renewable resources, such as corn starch, pea starch and other plant materials, rather than fossil-fuel plastics which are derived from petroleum.


Why should we use plant starch material (bioplastic)?


Over 200 million tons of plastic are manufactured annually around the world, but only less than 6% plastic waste are recycled in 2003. The annual consumption of plastic also has been increased every year. It is mainly disposed in landfill, forest, and ocean or anywhere in the world. It daily releases toxic substances, such as dioxin, to our environment and impairs the life-cycle of food chain. During production process, the energy consumption of conventional plastic almost doubles bioplastic, being strong, hygienic, and durable for all kinds of foods. Moreover, the cost of bioplastic is recently decreased due to mass production. Many people are turning it now.  


What is PLA?


PLA (Poly Lactide Acid) is produced from natural non-GMO natural corn starch,

tapioca products (roots, chips, or starch) or sugarcanes.  It is purified into cellulose, after fermentation and polymerization process.



Why should we use PLA tableware?


PLA coated paper and clear cups can be decomposed by naturally occurring microbes to become carbon monoxide and water. However, traditional paper cup is lined by PE petroleum polymer that cannot be degraded.  PLA paper cup also can be recycled in conventional paper stream, but PE coating paper cup cannot be re-pulped.  Either PLA or PE coated paper cups has similar product features, suitable for hot drink.  PLA clear cup looks the same as Polypropylene (PP) transparent cup, but we need to pay high environmental disposal cost using PP cup.  Recently, the cost of PP products is rocketing up due to the tremendous oil prices.  Thus, earth-friendly PLA products and conventional PE products are now priced closing to each other, with little difference. NatureWorks brand PLA is GMO-free. Our PLA products are made from NatureWorks PLA.