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2. Biodegradable Packaging

Upgrades brand image; enhances product value

Fulfils packaging needs in different industries including
· Electronic/digital products
· Wine
· Luxurious fashion
· Cosmetics
· Arts and Crafts
· Watches

Plus internal protective packaging of other products

Custom made packaging design to fit unique features.



Decomposable Environment Friendly Protective Packaging

1. Ingredients: Natural fiber of sugar cane; up to food hygienic standard; pass in FDA test

2. Quality: Packaging itself bright and neat, boosting brand image, additional product value

3. Technique: Use of one-time heat pressing to shape; highly efficient; supply prompt and stable.

4. Environment: Air-conditional plant, clean and tidy; reaching standard of food plants.

5. Delivery: Packaging items fit one another tightly to minimize volume; packed in paper boxed to prevent damage during delivery; fit for international long distance transportation with relatively low cost.

Traditional Paper Protective Packaging

1. Ingredients: Waste paper, unhygienic, may contain heavy metal, bacteria and other harmful materials.

2. Quality: Rough and lousy, degrading product image

3. Technique: Dried by sun, much affected by weather, low efficiency

4. Environment: Open space with assembly line, untidy and poorly monitored, easily polluting products.

5. Delivery: Packaging items loosely packed thereby increasing volume and transportation cost; packed in plastic bags to be pressed or damaged during delivery; not fit for long distance of international transportation.